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iPhone Photography 101

In today’s day and age everyone can be a photographer – but no really it’s true! I just started interning for Brynn Capella and our first photoshoot was shot completely by me. As a lover of fashion and styling I am always taking photos or having photos taken of me for instagram so honestly that helped so much.

This photoshoot was our wrap up for Fall 2018 so we needed to get outside quickly before the weather turned frigid. Myself, Brynn, and Kristina started planning for the photoshoot by searching magazines, Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration photos. There was shopping involved, of course, mostly at Anthropologie and Nordstrom Rack to pick up some go-to fall outfits. We styled the outfits on mannequins and then matched the looks with our inspiration photos.

The day of the shoot came and the weather was absolutely gorgeous! We were on a time crunch of only a few hours but with my handy dandy iPhone X, I made sure it got done. With the ease of a half pound, handheld, “professional” camera and portrait mode the photoshoot ran smoothly. We were able to easily move from location to location and take as many shots as we wanted, which saves a TON of money on our end!

Long story short, I was happy to finally put my phone and photography skills to use in a more professional setting with models and fun locations. The photos and products are now live on our website so go check them out!




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