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Every detail is an important detail!

It has officially been a month since I’ve started working with Brynn as her merchandising intern (YAY)!  Let me tell you.. I have worked in some sort of customer service/customer facing role most of my life but you never realize how important the little things really are until you work for a small business.  Coming from corporate America, the details that small business offers is SO refreshing!

One of the first things Brynn taught me was how to prepare orders for shipping.  Simple enough right? Put the product into a box and slap a label on and you’re good to go! Well not exactly.

When shipping out our orders, Brynn hand makes personalized dust bags for each handbag and pairs it with a ribbon closure that either matches the bag itself or the lining! If that wasn’t detailed enough, we hand pick postcards with handbags we think you may love based off of previous order history or from simply the address on the order!  If you’re a new customer, no worries! We got you covered too! We send you personalized postcards with what we think you may enjoy for your next purchase!

We know you’re going to look fabulous and get a ton of compliments so we’ve included our “Share the Love” cards inside the bag.. so if you love us, share the love! (psst it has a discount code for them too!)

Lastly, the cherry on top! We want you to love your new bag and we want you to get your moneys worth, so in addition we send you care instructions with simple tips on how to keep her looking fantastic. So you can enjoy her for many, many years to come!

Plus, before carefully sliding the bag into its personalized dust bag, we make sure to use our trusty, handy dandy zipper lubricant on each zipper, so they run as smoothly as possible from day one. So when you receive your bag, she’ll be ready to go and all you’ll have to do is pick the perfect outfit!

If you’re a fellow Chicagoan you’re in luck! If we have upcoming shows, we include free passes for you so we can meet you in person!


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