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Everything Comes To An End

My time with Brynn has come to an end. I am not really sure where summer went, but it went by WAY to fast. Working along side Brynn, Magee, Whitney, and Kristina was so fun. From outdoor random photoshoots for social media to discussing how to make the business grow I gained so much wisdom and knowledge working with these awesome ladies.

From the start of my internship, Brynn and I made a few goals to accomplish over the summer. I did research on the stores and areas we were in to gain an understanding of the target boutique setting. I was able to talk with our boutique owners to get a feel of new products they would like to have in their store. I wrote my own blogs about merchandising, events, etc (which you all have read about all summer ;). I was able to work with the marketing intern by coming up with promotional ideas via newsletters, postcard, and social media. I helped style the models for our fall photo shoot. I made a look book for Brynn to use for the website for past collections she had. I added handbags and created unique sales on Handmade on Amazon and Etsy.

But my favorite thing about summer was being able to plan two trunk shows, one in a boutique we are currently in and another trunk show in a boutique to established clientele for both retail and wholesale.

There were times were I did doubt myself and thought “how am I going to do this”, but Brynn always pushed us to do our best and wanted to watch us succeed. I will miss my morning commutes, daily talks with the ladies, and of course the cats Lucky and Cali.


XOXO Libbey


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