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How to Add Mauve Pink to Your Closet

With so many shades of pink, all the different color names can get so confusing. Especially because when you search for shades of pink online, I swear the variety that comes up is all over the place. The best way to understand it, is that Mauve Pink is a beautiful color shade between pink and purple; while it is more muted than purple, it is slightly richer than pink. Recently I did a FB live highlighting our new colors and women were asking is that new leather pink or purple? So it got me thinking what color is it?

It’s Mauve Pink!

Which of course to me, is the ideal color to add as your neutral color addition to your wardrobe for 2021. Because the color looks great on lots of different skin tones, it has become a very popular bridesmaid color. We think it looks best as your NEW spring and summer handbag! Good news, introducing one of our newest arrivals: GUAVA. We may call it Guava, but it is actually a beautiful mauve color with golden highlights in the zipper, studs and microfiber lining. You can go big or little in bag size and wear her all year long!

Now the question is what to wear her with?

Not only does she look so fresh with white, but also looks fabulous with gray, nudes, navy, denim, or black & white. Then in the fall/winter you can pair it beautifully with Charcoal, Chocolate Brown, Black and Forest Green or go mono-chromatic with maroon, burgundy or red wine colors.

So if you love pink AND purple, Mauve Pink is the answer. The semi-aniline leather wears well over time, even more so when taken care of properly. (Need tips check out our last blog) So don’t be afraid of the light color.

If pink is not your thing, our other newest arrival is a gorgeous distressed tan we call French Vanilla. The golden tones in the zipper and hardware bring out the slight gold tones in the leather. And let’s face it, she is also fresh for summer for those looking for a true neutral for the season.

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