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Am I too old for a fringe crossbody bag?

No, no and no! When I designed our Kari fringe bag, I had a few things in mind.

First of all, I was designing it for my sister Kari, who was in her late forties at the time and a mom of three. She was always complaining that she carried a boring “mom” bag when she met her friends for brunch or a night out. She either had her big day-to-day tote bag from work or a super simple boring saddle bag. She wanted something fun, and stylish but if she was going to invest any kind of money into a high quality leather bag, it needed to be super versatile too!

Here were the top 5 qualities she was looking for:

  1. Big enough to carry essentials, like her wallet, sunglasses and some light make-up, like lip gloss & powder
  2. But small enough for a night out or brunch with the girls
  3. Fun and stylish but not too trendy, as she wanted it to stay in style year after year
  4. Hands-free Crossbody option was a must
  5. Easy access to her cell phone

So this is what I designed for her, a fringe crossbody bag! And she loved it!

At the time fringe had come back big time, but I didn’t want the bag to feel over-styled and I definitely wanted her to be able to use the bag with or without the fringe. So I came up with a unique detachable option, so she could still wear it in a professional job setting and have a fun, stylish bag when meeting the girls right after work. And she didn’t have to bring a separate bag for day to evening. I made the main opening on the front so when the fringe was detached the zipper didn’t look out of place, but like a design detail.

Now that we’ve been making her for a few years, we decided to give Kari a small upgrade in 2022. As a small company, we really do listen to your feedback and we are excited to debut the new version in 2022. So now is the time to take another look at KARI before she’s gone! All colors are on sale even some of our best selling leathers! But there’s only a handful left of each, so don’t wait too long!

Festival season is upon us very soon, fingers crossed that is! And Kari adds some fun style for us older festival goers! Just sayin…

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