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Is a fold over crossbody for you?

Well as temperatures heat up, we think it’s the best time to downsize your handbag for effortless style this spring.

Now not all foldover styles are created equal. So when I designed mine, I thought about how it’ll be used by you and I also took a look at what other styles I was already making, because I didn’t want anything too similar, it just seems silly as a small company to do that. The other big thing I noticed was some designers only offered a foldover clutch (not a crossbody option) OR ones with a crossbody option, the bag itself folded over so tightly that you couldn’t fit anything in it. Now I don’t know about you, but I carry a bag so it can carry more than just my wallet (there’s another bag for that…but that’s another blog altogether).

My favorite part about our fold over style, is that you can actually fit a good amount of stuff inside. During the sampling process, we not only tested different dimensions, but realized the placement of the hidden magnets was a huge part of helping more items fit inside your bag. We’ve played around with the strength of the magnets as well to make sure the flap stays down when in use. The key is to help the bag look good with a little or a lot inside. And of course, we had to put our own design element on it as well, so on brand is the asymmetrical flap.

So here’s the 5 main reasons this style is for you:

  1. You want a bag you can dress up or down (date nights, weddings or weekends)
  2. You appreciate the simplicity of the design
  3. You want to downsize what you take with you
  4. You basically carry a wallet, sunglasses and/or a small make-up bag and your phone
  5. Don’t want to be tempted to throw more in your bag

Want to see more color options of our foldover crossbody style: click here.

Want to stay in touch: click here.

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