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Gray Handbags: Are there really 50 shades??

Lately we’ve been selling a ton of gray handbags. I am not sure if that’s because it is Pantone’s “Color of the Year” for 2021 or if this year women are just trying to step outside of their comfort zone with a lighter shade of black?! Now I have always loved gray more than black, since to me it goes with even more. Granted, I’ve never been a navy and black fan or brown and black for that matter, unless it’s a taupe or a lighter shade of brown. But I LOVE gray with both of those colors! In spring and summer, I love it with white, corals (any pink really), orange, and of course yellow.

So when Pantone called two colors of the year this year, I wasn’t surprised by the combo: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow! And whether you’ve heard of “Pantone” or not, I am sure you’ve heard fashion magazines and blogs, etc. talk about a “Color of the Year” before. Although I rarely pay much attention to that stuff, I do find it curious. Like how do they come up with the color? Who do they talk to? Who actually makes those decisions? And what does it ultimately mean to buyers? LOL

Past Pantone “Color of the Year” colors have been, classic blue, living coral, ultra violet, greenery, honeysuckle, tangerine tango…maybe you get where I am going with this? It’s typically a “color” for lack of better terms vs. a shade of black. Made that’s why they added the Illuminating Yellow? I don’t know, but I have always loved this combo. I actually have these great pair of Lucky wedge sandals that have yellow over the toe and a gray ankle strap and I have loved them for years!

In past photo shoots (like above) we even paired them together. But I discovered that when we did photoshoots with gray bags (shown below) however, I did mostly pair them with corals and oranges and greens. I guess I personally don’t wear a ton of yellow, unless it’s in a floral design or a main accent color. We are also looking for a new yellow leather for our line this year, thinking a light colored mustard to make it feel like more of a year-round color, since that’s what we always try to do. Help you incorporate color into your wardrobe year round. Of course, a gray bag will also help with that ironically!? πŸ˜‰

Because the great thing about Gray is there probably are 50 shades, from a dark charcoal down to a light silver and everything in between. Then there are ones like a taupe shade with a hint of brown. We also use lots of two-toned leathers since I feel that can add so much character to your leather handbag or accessory. We love to add fun lining colors on the inside like a fuchsia, hibiscus pink to a scarlet red, because besides making it easier for you to actually see what’s inside your beautiful bag, it’s like a ray of sunshine.

So which is my favorite? It’s too hard to decide! But you can take a peak for yourself and click the link below to see all the different shades we offer!

Love what you see? Want to know more about us? Become an insider here and get advance notice of sales, new arrivals and so much more.

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