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Finding the Best Made in the USA handbags

So many of you find us googling those exact words! However, I am sure there are lots of options when you do your search. And since we are a small business, with not a huge advertising budget, it always amazes me when that simple google search leads you to us! And then there are the reviews from all of you, absolutely amazing to hear! You giving us a chance vs. well known brands means everything! We pride ourselves on beautiful colorful high quality leather, super functional styles, and of course being made in the USA!

Back when I started sewing handbags out of my one bedroom apartment in LA, I really had no idea how far I’d take my handbag dream. That was 2001, I still can’t believe that was 20 years ago! The only thing I did know for sure was that I promised myself they would ALWAYS be made in the USA! Some might say I was (or am) being naive. That once I was an “official business,” I would change my mind.

Well I have been “official” since 2009 and I haven’t changed my mind! And you have no idea how many emails we get from factories all over the world. I tell them we design and handcraft all of our own bags locally (or in USA only). They will actually reply with no one will know! I will know!

Growing up, I was never a Coach fan, especially the bags with all the “C’s” all over them. I really felt like those were so tacky! Anyway, I will say that their original leather style satchels that WERE handmade in the USA actually weren’t bad. But I think the biggest thing that bothered me, was when they stopped making their bags in the USA, they weren’t super honest about it. They just stopped and didn’t tell anybody, or that’s at least how it seemed! Today’s version of that is Hammit. They kept LA in their name but if you dig deeper, you’ll find that’s just their headquarters not where the bags are now being made.

I meet Carol at an outdoor Art Fair in Daily Plaza in 2014. She came to so many shows over the years, we have become friends!

The best part is getting to meet my customers in person! For the last decade, we’ve been doing summer art fairs and the big One of a Kind Show in Chicago, twice a year. I meet Carol (above) at one of those Art fairs and she almost instantly fell in love with my handbags. Eventually she actually stopped carrying her beloved Coach bags (and told me about it!) Obviously with the pandemic, we haven’t done any events and haven’t seen everyone in sooo long. But we are able to do a weekly Facebook live Happy Hour and I get to talk directly with women from all over! It’s so much fun chatting about handbags over wine together. (You can see some on Facebook or YouTube.)

Of course, our main mission is to make quality, versatile and comfortable leather bags, being made in the USA now and always. I can’t tell you how many women are so excited to find not only a quality leather bag made in the USA, but one with so much style. Of course that puts a huge smile on my face and I appreciate and read all the emails that come my way. In the future, I may not always be able to read every email or write a handwritten note in every package, but I will always stand by my promise.

The next step in my dream is to build my own factory, kinda like breweries, where you can see where your handbag is being made! But currently I’m working with a local factory that allows me to be a part of every step in the process. We are able to ensure the high quality and standards for each bag, as well as support local men and women with fair wages and work standards. So it means the world to me when you discover us, appreciate us, tell others about us and more! It helps us be able to keep doing what we love!

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