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What Color Purse Can You Wear Year Round?

I might not be the best person to ask if you think a basic black bag is the only year round color. But if you are looking to expand and step outside of the box, then I’m your girl! I pretty much will wear any color in any season. And if last year taught us anything, it’s to have fun with fashion, don’t be so worried about trends, just be yourself!

Personally, I think colorful leather adds way more personality to your look and when done correctly, it can help you stand out in the crowd. I just don’t get the solid black look, from your clothes to your shoes to your bag…it just seems so boring. Yes black can be a classic and slim your silhouette but a monochromatic black look ends up taking away from the overall affect.

To me, it is not surprising that green colored handbags may be considered appropriate for all seasons since green is considered a neutral color. Green is flexible and can go with any neutral shade, such as black, grey, tan, brown and navy. But the green color that belongs in every wardrobe this spring/summer is MINT, because it actually transitions into fall/winter super easily too.

At the end of the day, it’s all about how you accessorize and what colors you pair it with that makes it the perfect year round color. I can’t get enough of this fresh shade, which is basically just a softer shade of green and turquoise. I call it the perfect blend of green and blue, some lean towards green and others lean towards blue. Plus it’s universally flattering for almost all skin tones and so fabulous in combination with your basics, and oh so much more.

For spring and summer, we recommend more pastels, but to avoid looking like an Easter egg, try a peachy coral or marigold.

For fall and winter, richer tones like cinnamon, charcoal and rosewood add depth.

You can probably tell by our lifestyle photoshoot which colors are our favorites, what are yours?

Added Styling Tip:

Instead of coordinating your bag and shoes, keep your entire look within the same palette; that way your handbag can stand out by simply being a different color. If you choose a handbag that so closely coordinates with your ensemble, choose a pair of shoes that distinctly doesn’t (and vice versa).

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