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The Best Convertible Backpack Purse You Haven’t Heard Of

Yes, I am tooting my own horn here! But seriously, you will find that most will only have two options and a handful might have three, but ours has six options! Yes you heard me correctly, six! She was so popular we started making two sizes, the original and the mini!

When I originally designed my convertible backpack purse back in 2010, I had no idea the craze that would follow! Well of course, I mean with my customers not the world. LOL I didn’t set out to create my signature style or this iconic design, I just knew I was always so tired of switching out my bag, and I knew others must be too!

Up to that point I had played it safe with traditional style handbags, like a tote, a hobo and an evening clutch. I basically wanted to take all the parts I loved about other bag styles and put them into one bag. It needed to be comfortable for one. Two, it needed to be functional. And three, it needed to be stylish.

I loved the current foldover crossbody bag style at the time, but they were all so limiting, it was handle tops and crossbody folded and that’s it. What if I needed to be able to wear it crossbody and not folded? And all the pockets were always on the inside!? Why? I wanted to be able to access my need to find quickly items easily but I didn’t want it to look like a cargo bag either, with all these structured pockets everywhere. Basically, I wanted a bag that didn’t have limitations and that’s what I created!

It definitely took a few prototypes to perfect it, but since then, women have asked for her by name!ย The extra cool part is how easily she switches from style to style! If you are looking for a video tutorial, look no further than our YouTube channel:


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