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How to Choose A Handbag Color?

Of course, that’s a hard question to answer, it’s so personal to your coloring and what you wear a lot of. But today, I’ll try to give you some direction to helping you make the right decision, plus my top three tips.

Over the years, I have learned that most women rely on a black bag because they think it’s the only color that goes with everything. But that’s why I have so much fun turning women onto colored leather bags, because when they realize how versatile color can be, they typically thank me!

But they are always looking for more advice on how to pair them or what’s the best color option for them. So for example, with our Blue Bayou leather (pictured below) these were some of our favorite color combos. But with so many color options, we’ll just give you some direction and a few do’s and don’ts.

Now when it comes to you, I always say look in your closet, look at your prints, look at your shoes and even colored denim. First you might notice one color that stands out more than the others and that’s usually a good indicator what’s best for you. If you wear lots of solids and or a lot a black, there are several options as well.

With black, the color of choice will depend on how adventurous you are with fashion or if you like bright or muted tones. If you wear a lot of solids, a shade of the color you wear most is a good place to start. Now to pairing them, it’s more about matching the vibrancy of the color. You might be asking now, what do I mean by that?

Here’s a color wheel, so when I talk about vibrancy, you want to stay at the same level around the circle or you can go mono-chromatic and stay in the same color family:

Top Three Tips

Tip 1: Don’t mix brights with muted colors unless they are in the same color family.

Tip 2: Never combine more than three colors.

Tip 3: Pair colors with the same vibrancy (see examples below).

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Side note: One of the things I miss most is doing our photoshoots. Although styling the shoot is very time consuming, it’s so much fun. I think that might be where I discovered how easy it was for me to pair colors, I actually had a harder time creating outfits with black. I am probably one of the few in the fashion industry to say that LOL but it’s so true!

We can’t wait to be in touch with you about other questions you might have!

xo Brynn

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