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But I Really Wanted That Bag…

When one of our sale bags sells out, low and behold we always get the question, “Are you making anymore of this bag?” — Sadly the answer is NO.

When I first started making bags, I actually didn’t re-make ANYTHING! My thought was to make for the season and when it sells out, it’s gone for good. As a designer, I was excited to offer limited edition, create urgency to get it while it was still available. Now as a business woman, I started realizing that wasn’t the best economic option. Here I was spending all this money on product shots, photo shoots, line sheets, etc. and then it was like throwing all that money away when it sold out? OOPS!

But as a crazy young designer, I was originally doing 4 seasons per year!!! OMG!

Thank goodness I realized I was too small for that and soon I eliminated my summer collections and then a year later, my holiday collections. But I was still debuting 12 new colors per year! That adds up very quickly online to new and even loyal shoppers. Next thing you know, I have over 60 color options, some only available in one size and not a newer style and shoppers are confused.

So come 2019, I decided to stop doing wholesale and focus on what my shoppers were wanting. I started actually making more of my best sellers, figuring out what colors to discontinue and not offer SO many new colors per year, so I could focus on new styles, new leather goods, etc.

It felt like a whole new business.

Now how do you figure out what is what? Well, sale means we are done making more. So if it’s there and sells out, it is done. Now with full-priced goods, when it sells out, we will plan on making more. The only thing we can’t guarantee is when. It may be 6 weeks or even 6 months before we are able to make more.

I hope this helps you understand and decipher our website! If you ever have questions you can join us weekly for our FB live sessions or live chat with us anytime!

Happy Shopping!

Want to learn more about us and our handbags? Click here to Get on the List!

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