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Ever Look At Your Label?

When you see products labeled “Made in the USA”, you probably feel prideful. I know we take pride in designing and handcrafting locally!

But have you ever thought any deeper about the benefits of buying American-made products? There are actually many reasons as to why this is so important, and some of them may serve as that “ah-ha!” moment for you. 😉 Okay, okay, they might be more expensive, but the impact on the world and you is even bigger.

Less Pollution

This is a big one. Products made here have a significantly smaller carbon footprint. The reason? We don’t need to ship overseas! Besides, they don’t have laws to protect the environment in any way. Think about it… it causes mass water and air pollution! Plus, Climate Change is real.

We make our bags right here in Chicago and ship them directly from our office. It’s important to us to know that we are keeping the world clean and minimizing pollution!

Pollution has gotten worse in others countries due to the lack of factory regulations.

Human Rights

American manufacturers have laws that demand safe working conditions and a minimum wage to guarantee fair pay. Believe it or not, some countries pay their workers only $200 a month to make products that we buy! Yeah, I was shocked when I heard that too! 

We make our handbags locally, because Brynn wants to be a part of the production process… to ensure leather quality control and of course that all working conditions are fair and we pay above minimum wage!

Baran-Sweezy and Marxist theory: further comments – Redline
Working conditions at a factory in China.

Helps Economy

Supporting American businesses has such a big impact that it will even benefit your great-grandchildren. Crazy… right?!

It’s a huge job creator for workers within their field of expertise. Your “Made in the USA” purchases allows money to flow right into these companies and their loyal workers. That money then gets spent into that local economy. See where I am going with this?!

And better yet, your great grandchildren will thank you for buying that American-made handbag 😉 We make our bags to be timeless in style and quality.


Even if you were already familiar with some of these benefits, hopefully this reminded you how important it is to know where your money is going! By purchasing American-Made goods, the handcrafted product will not only benefit you, but everyone else in America! (even your great-grandkids;) )

Want to support an American made brand?  Click here to get on our list! 

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