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Meet Eliana – Fall 2019 Design Intern

My Position at Brynn Capella…

I am the new design intern for the Fall of 2019. I am also a fashion design student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. At Brynn Capella, I get to expand my fashion education beyond the classroom and apply my skills to the professional world. It’s been rewarding to see what I have learned in school transfer over to actual skills needed to run a business. Not only do I get to help design new products and see them come to fruition, but I also get to participate in the business aspects as well.

Favorite Brynn Capella Handbag…

My favorite Brynn Capella bag would have to be the Jenne. I love a crossbody that is sleek and comfortable while also being super stylish. I really enjoy the shape of the Jenne, as well as the fold-over detail. A close runner up would have to be the Angi. Who doesn’t love a good satchel? I love this bag because not only does it make a statement, but it is also the perfect size for travel. 

Personal Style…

My personal style is sort of all over the place- if I’m being honest. Being a lover of fashion, my wardrobe consists of a variety of “styles.” Some days I reach for more feminine outfits and the next I’ll grab my bell-bottomed adidas track pants with an oversized graphic tee. It really just depends on the day and my mood. I consider myself more of a “clothing collector,” I tend to just grab cool items when I see them. I thrift/vintage shop all of my clothes and hardly ever buy new- another reason my closet is very much a mix of styles.  

Style Icon(s)…

Bella Hadid and Zendaya… Both of these women have an effortless sense of style. (Shoutout to their stylists!) I view both of these women as fashion chameleons. Meaning- they can pull anything off and often cater their outfits to match the time/place. Both can “wow” in any type of outfit. They both also wear their confidence like a bold accessory, which I greatly admire.

Favorites! (books, music, artists, designers, places, foods, etc.)…

Designers I currently feel the most inspired by are Thom Browne, Alexander McQueen, Vivetta, and Thierry Mugler

Also, fun fact: my dad owns a pizza place, so I love pizza.

If I could bring back any person to life….

Freddie Mercury of Queen- the genius of a man! Who knows what he could have created if he only had more time. I really admire the way he could capture and move an entire audience with his performances. Although he was gone before I was born, I still have always loved his music and have watched his performances countless times on youtube. My favorite song would have to be “Love of My Life”- so beautifully sung and performed. Such an incredible talent…

Ps. Did you know Brynn Capella had a collection called Bohemian Rhapsody? Some of the colors from this collection are still available- be sure to check them out!

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