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“Luxury is in each detail” – Hubert de Givenchy

After getting the once in a lifetime opportunity to study luxury marketing in Paris this past March, I came back to Chicago with an entirely new perception towards upscale brands. Fast forward just a few months, I’m now full swing into a lifestyle marketing internship here at Brynn Capella. It seems like everyday I notice the brand demonstrating traits of a special luxury brand. 

Most high-end companies have a rich history and compelling founding story. Just like her handbags, Brynn’s story is one of a kind. You might assume making the move from SoCal to Chicago would be tough, but she channeled her inspiration from both places into the design of her handbags where beach boho and city functionality come together effortlessly. 

At any luxury company, uniqueness is everything. For us, highlighting that our products are designed and handmade here in Chicago is one way we differentiate ourselves from department stores and competitors. When you wear an original Brynn Capella handbag, its authenticity is bound to stand out more than a bag mass produced overseas ever could. 

Just as much as we believe in our company, we believe in supporting worthy causes too.   Whether donating products to local Chicago charities or to places as far as Texas and Hawaii, it’s clear that Brynn puts her heart into more than just design and production. 

Incorporating these elements into her brand has transformed it entirely. What began as a passion for creating bags for family and friends became a full fledged luxury business, sold in various boutiques in multiple states.

Luxury is in each detail, and Brynn Capella pays attention to all of them.

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