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New and Improved Edie Totes Coming for Ya

The design team is excited to announce our recently updated Edie Tote this summer! From the feedback we received from our highly functionally-fashioned customers, we decided to make updates on our current stock of Edie’s to improve its practicality and look. These small but necessary changes will make this Edie the ultimate tote bag.

Soon you’ll be able to rock our tote in two different styles by either wearing it the traditional way or by sinching the bag with inner snaps ties to create a whole new look! The above photo illustrates the two looks. You can even keep your laptop safe and snug with sinching snaps ties. The other addition on our current stock of Edie’s is a stronger closing magnetic snap so you can pack full your tote with everything you need to take on the day.

On our next production run in the fall, we are working on releasing an upgraded Edie with more additions to be more functional and polished as ever! Along with the sinching addition and stronger snap, our future production runs on the Edie will implement even more updates. Some major updates include a sturdier bottom to maintain the shape and increase its durability. We will remove the front pocket to make a cleaner outer design, but don’t worry you’ll find plenty of inside pockets. And a leather opening on the back for an added travel bag feature. Also, the totes will come in new, never before seen Brynn Capella leather colors you’ll fall in love with. This tote will be with you for the long run.

Look out for the updated Edie hitting our website this summer and even more new and improved Edie’s come this fall! See you there!

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