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Festival Tips: comfort to style

If you are in Chicago then the Festival of the summer is coming in HOT! Lollapalooza is only 14 days away and if you are still thinking about what to wear, we understand the struggle! So depending on how you handle the heat, the crowds or want to express yourself, here are few ideas to make it easier than planning how you are getting there! 

For the edgy

It is really simple to create an edgy look without much effort. Throw on a vintage band tee (or vintage Lolla tee) and some booties (My favorite go to’s are either Doc Martens or Chelsea boots like seen below) to create an edgier look. Wear some ripped mom jeans or if you’re feeling bold wear a pair of leather shorts. Lastly, of course pair it with our studded Nikki Bag to pull together the look.

For the Boho Chic

Our Mini-Pamela is perfect for the Boho woman. Pair it with a beautiful floral dress like this one from Reformation or something similar. Keep yourself protected from the sun by throwing on a sun hat. It will not only keep you cool but also make that boho vibe shine.

For those who want to be Comfy and Casual

Although getting ready for Lolla is one of the best parts for some, there are many that just want to go to enjoy the atmosphere. Listen to the music and kick back with a drink. If that is for you then forget about the looks and styling, simply go with a basic t-shirt (My favorites are the Madewell V-necks) and your most comfortable jeans or shorts. You will be comfortable and ready for the day. And don’t forget all your basic necessities for the day our Cher will be your best side-kick.

These are just a few ways to incorporate your personal style into the upcoming festival weekend. Let us know if you are going to Lolla this year! And tag us in all your festival looks with your Brynn Capella bags. Can’t wait to see all the looks in just 14 days.

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