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Pave Your Own Way, It’s Never Too Late

“If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one”

– Dolly Parton

It’s been nearly four months since I took a leap from the corporate ladder I was climbing and chose to blindly follow my dreams of working in the fashion industry.  Now..this was not a decision that was made overnight, this took years and years of back and forth and pep talks and a very supportive boyfriend who finally gave me the shove I needed!

Today marks my last day as Brynn’s merchandising and eCommerce assistant.  I can’t begin to explain the bittersweet feelings that are overtaking me today because there really aren’t any words that could really capture the feeling.

I’ve worked many years for “bosses” who left little to no impact but I learned almost instantly that Brynn is not your average boss!  She, in all senses of the word is a bad a** boss lady and this is much more than an internship! I came in with the sole purpose of taking my buyer experience in manufacturing and turning it into a buyer career in fashion.  What I wasn’t expecting was how much I’d fall in love with every aspect of a startup. I came in with a strong buying, merchandising and eCommerce background and am leaving with working experience in marketing, social media and small business operations.  I am so grateful for the experiences that I’ve had these last four months and feel confident and excited for what the future has to hold!

& with that I’ll leave you with this, pave your own way.  Be the person you want to be. It is never too late to make your dreams and passion a reality.  Thank you to Brynn for being my mentor and friend and to Ms. Dolly Parton for being my voice of reason.



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