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Meet Bianca – Design Intern

My Position at Brynn Capella…

I have taken on the role of Design intern this summer at Brynn Capella. It has been fun being able to put what I have learned in school to the test. I currently go to Kent State (Go Flashes!) and they love to test our abilities which has helped so much while interning. I have been really focused on the development of new items (belt bag and a new wallet ).

Favorite Brynn Capella Handbag…

I absolutely love the Nikki bag. It’s big enough to fit all my essentials and then some. The studs make it perfect for me to bring out some edginess or just dress up an outfit. I even have my eye on the Pure Bliss Nikki without studs, such an elegant and fun style.

Personal style…

My style changes day to day but for the most part it is in 2 main categories. It’s a mix between indie chic and edgy chic. I love my heels and a good flowy trouser but I also love my platform doc martens.

Style Icon(s)…

My style icons are Katie Stevens and Lucy Hale. They always look so put together and have a wide range of looks.

Favorites! (books, music, artists, designers, places, foods, etc.)…

I love the Design house Ralph & Russo based in London and it would be a dream to work there eventually. Going along with that, my favorite place in the world is the UK! I was blessed to spend a semester in London this past year! I got the chance to go to a few towns and fell in love with the country.

If I could bring back any person to life….

I would bring back Walt Disney. He made something so iconic and magical! It would be so cool to have him alive still and wandering around the parks making it even more exciting. Disney whether it be the movies, characters or parks is something that any age enjoys. I would want to see what he thinks of all the new things that Disney has become.

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