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Changes, updates and more!

While we are amidst transitioning the company from making only two seasonal collections to offering a year round collection. We have been working on new and updated handbag designs to offer a greater selection of unique handbags, whether that is in the design or materials used. So it’s exciting and scary at the same time to be a part of the transition process.

The Edie Tote has been through many different redesign drawings. However, it has taken a while to get it just right! After we recently finished the first sample, we are still making changes to the tote design. It is hard to get the sample perfect on the first try because all of the details are so important.  The straps and the pockets we found not to be secure enough.

We also like to have some kind of consistency between our designs, so you know instantly it’s a Brynn Capella bag. So the next sample will have straps similar to the body on the Angi and be sewn from the bottom of the bag and folded at the top, but with no hardware. The studs, like on the Nikki bag, will go on the strap up the body of the bag. We think this will make the tote more durable and will help it last throughout years of use.

The Nikki Crossbody is undergoing changes, as well. The style and design of the bag is still a favorite, but we would like to scale the size down a little so that we can offer handbags in a variety of sizes. It is currently quite close in size to our clutch/crossbody the Jenne and the Mini-Pamela. We also want to offer a variety of price points as well, so hoping we can bring the price down.

We still have a lot of work to do to be able to offer the most versatile and unique bags possible. We are looking into offering coated canvas handbags to offer a vegan selection. We are also, working to make a Holiday collection that will include exotic leathers and possibly some metallic leathers. This is just the start of the new designs and new leather types we hope to offer in the coming years!


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