Daley Plaza / Fashion Events / Handbags

Trust the process

When I was a little freshmen going through sorority recruitment, everyone always said “trust the process” and boy were they right. The weeks of planning and preparation are over, I am able to sit back and process how everything fits together.

But I would be lying to you if I said planning for an event was easy. There is a lot of hard work that goes into planning an event, especially when you are planning for different kinds of events. Being able to use my knowledge of visual merchandising was something that came easy when putting displays together and was a skill I definitely improved on.

There are many similarities and differences between an indoor and outdoor event, from what you need to have for set-up to the actual goods. So different loading checklists need to be made, the goods vary from event to event based on past sales, and you are always hoping you brought the right selection! You can’t sell what you don’t have on hand.

But I definitely always looked forward to seeing the smiles on the customers faces whether it be from their first Lauren bag purchase, buying a Cher wristlet, or just hearing about the many ways to wear the Lauren bag. There is something special about hearing someone talk about how excited they are to use their new handbag…it is just a small way we can share the love 😉

Another thing I learned about doing both indoor and outdoor events was the importance of networking. At the events, I had to interact with the customers and promote the bags, which at the Daley Plaza Market led to meeting a boutique owner who was interested in buying the bags at wholesale for her boutique. Networking can happen from one-on-one conversations and before you know it you have a connection that benefits the business.

I loved every minute of planning both types of events. I was able to meet new people, make new connections and most importantly I was able help someone find their perfect Brynn Capella Bag.

XOXO Libbey 

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