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How do you IG?

Here I am talking about Instagram again…but it is such an important media in our daily life as well as in our business life. The real question we all have about Instagram is, why are people clicking on the app? Is it because they want to keep up with their friends? Celebrities? Influencers? Brands? And when they like those images are they looking for reference to purchase something or just gush over other peoples lives.


I know for me I love looking at what my friends are doing and to keep up with my favorite bloggers, brands and all of my silly daily gossip. However, when it comes to the Brynn Capella profile, we are trying to connect with boutiques, influencers and most importantly, our customers.

About 4-5 times a week, we post an image to educate, inspire, give a glimpse behind the scenes and for a sense of community. These pictures and quotes represent our brand, our market and whats happening at that time. It’s also to keep our customers up to date with sales, new arrivals and the cool features of our brand.

We want to reach new customers via this platform because we feel the visual imagery of our feed is a great representation of who and what we are. However, the follow/unfollow game of numbers can be super frustrating!

This is the thing, I understand the numbers game, it makes sense. If someone wants more followers they are told by “Instagram experts” this is how you do it, but here at Brynn Capella we aren’t into that game. We want real organic followers who love and support our bags, philosophy and us as a brand.

insta follow and unfollow

It is so disheartening when we see new followers that seem to have similar qualities and aesthetics that follow us and then unfollow right after we follow back. Some even have the nerve to engage in conversation with you and then still unfollow you!

So the real question is… how can we play by our rules while still reaching and growing our audience?

Are you on Instagram? How do you discover new brands? What makes you follow them? As a fan, do you expect a return follow? These are just a few of the answers we wonder about every day!

We need to all come up with an overall agreement on following. If you see yourself in a brand or store, you follow they follow back and you can create a bond of sharing ideas and aesthetics.

Now that sounds like a perfect world and I know that is not exactly how it will work out, but when it comes to local businesses and influencers, I think it would help us all if we supported each other rather than specifically look at numbers. Numbers are a thing that can attract a customer or fan to your page, but its the content and loyalty that will make them stay.

Let’s all learn to be proactive, because if we all support each other for the right reasons, our customers will discover and support us too.

One thought on “How do you IG?

  1. Yours is an honest and sensible approach. It shows you are a genuine business and you appreciate your customers, your fans, and all who love you because you make it so easy to “know you!”

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