Chicago / Daley Plaza / Fashion Events

First Event of Summer

Last week we were so busy at the studio preparing for two events. These were the first events I was helping with and I was quite excited! The plan was Friday Art Market at Daley Plaza on Friday and Saturday and Sunday at the Randolph Street Market. So it was going to be a crazy busy three days of very early mornings and lots of set-up and tear downs!

Brynn has showcased her bags both in Daley Plaza and at the Randolph Street Market but it was a long time ago. Although she was happy to be going back to both, we knew it was going to be rough! So when the weather turned bad for Friday and the event was canceled, we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Libbey, our Merchandising intern, was busy helping to plan out the visual displays and layout for the show. My job was to help make dust bags in every color, both large and small, for the leather handbags we sell at these events. Since, we still make all the dust bags here in the office, Brynn and I were busy making a ton since we had two events. Now with only one event, we didn’t have to make quite so many.

To make a dust bag is simple, but like everything it takes time. A dust bag is made like a pillowcase would be constructed. The only difference is that you have to add in a drawstring closure. I am away from home for the summer and away from my sewing studio, so it has been a while since I have sewn anything. It was nice to be able to sew these especially because I became accustomed to sewing every other day this past spring. 

Since the Randolph market is a little different than the typical art fairs we do, we decided to bring some of our older inventory to the event. These older handbag styles are actually made from a mix of leather and fabric. Brynn currently only makes handbags made with leather. Some of the older styles were the Janey, Sierra and Samantha. They are small, fun, timeless, and lightweight summer handbags, perfect for times when you just need to carry your essentials.

It is truly interesting to see the transitions in design Brynn has made in her business by looking at her older handbags. However, what I find more interesting is that she might be coming full circle with her designs and bringing back to her collection’s handbags made from fabric, like a coated canvas for a little more durability. She would like to offer a completely vegan option to her customers. 

Besides the preparation for the event, the event itself was fun! I worked the event on Saturday. The morning was a bit slow, but once it warmed up a bit outside around mid-morning we had many more customers. Our first sale was a small coin purse called the Dylan. The sale was to another of the vendors she thought it was the perfect thing for her phone, cash, and credit card.

It was nice to see women appreciate and buy some of the older bags I sorted through for the event, as well as some of our most popular styles. It was so enjoyable despite all the work involved!

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