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Naming Collections

I was recently reminded of how difficult it is to name a collection. Our team has been working on naming Brynn’s Fall 2018 collection and colors of the collection for a couple weeks now. Yes, it sounds simple enough but it’s a long process!

We start with the inspiration from the mood board. But that typically is a somewhat broad overview. But the naming goes hand in hand with how we style the photo shoot, so we were on a little time crunch. We thought we might name this collection Wild Horses, originally, because of the equestrian feel of the colors and the inspiration. That was a week ago and it has since been changed because we decided it did not entirely go with the mood of the collection and horses were tough to find for the lifestyle shoot.

We decided since the colors are very warm and rich, we were reminded of the rugged outdoors maybe more so than just Wild Horses. So finding names for colors was tough because everyone has different references. What I mean by references is that when you name a tan color rocky road, people might think of the ice cream named as such or they might literally think of a road that is rocky. This was an exaggerated example, but it is a consideration you have to think about when naming a color.


The key is that you want the customer to know what sort of color you are talking about just by hearing the name before they even see it. The collection name itself was hard to find because we wanted it to be within the theme of the rugged outdoors, as well as, it needed to be a song title. You all may not know that Brynn always names her collections with song titles. Brynn loves music so much that she is always playing it in the studio while we are working. This process reminded me of naming my senior collection.

As a fashion design student at Missouri State University, I created my own collection. The process of creating a collection started in the fall semester. I initially started by sketching designs and creating mood boards for two different collections. While finding inspiration and designing fourteen different looks is not easy within four weeks’ time.

I found the one of the hardest parts of putting together these two collections was putting a name to my collections. It was almost impossible to find the right name that made sense with my theme, colors, and overall inspiration. I ended up only making the clothing for one of the collections, which was named Boundless, in the spring semester. Boundless was a collection inspired by a Vincent Van Gogh painting. The clothing was meant for extremely social but hardworking women needing outfits that they could wear to the office, but could also style for a night out with friends.

IMG_5937One of the biggest reasons it was hard to name this collection was because taking the inspiration of the delicate almond branch Van Gogh painting and the target consumer (the hardworking, social woman) into consideration made naming it almost impossible. There are very few words that could describe that combination. I landed on naming it Boundless because of the hardworking young women the clothing is made for has no bounds and Van Gogh was a painter that definitely created outside of the normal boundary’s, as well. This process took at least a week of my four weeks of preparation of the collections, which is quite a bit.

It’s interesting to see that naming any collection is hard work and must truly define the look and feel.


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