Fall / Handbags / Photoshoot

Essential Photoshoot Prep

This past weekend, we had our Fall Photoshoot for the upcoming newest collection of Brynn Capella handbags! I had worked on photoshoots in the past and loved the energy and atmosphere so I was thrilled to experience this shoot. My previous shoots were in college for Kent State’s Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine. I was able to work with the fashion styling team and do the hair and make up for multiple shoots. The preparation was mainly on finding the outfits and matching the specific theme for each shoot. However, regarding this shoot with Brynn, we had a lot more preparation and work to do prior to the day.IMG_4050

It started with looking over the colors she had previously chosen for the fall, which are amazing by the way, and then think of an overall theme that we want to name the collection, style our models and shoot location. So us interns and Brynn has a lot of work ahead of us when we decided the shoot date. In a short time we were able to pull together perfect outfits, locations and models. One of my favorite things about the fashion industry is styling. I love looking a one piece and building an entire look around it. When we were picking out our outfits we had to look at each bags’ style and color to come up with an outfit best complimenting the bag. So as you can imagine we had piles of bags and clothes all over the office trying to come up with the most appropriate look for each bag, without repeating styles or colors. It was stressful, but in the end all the looks came together amazingly.

IMG_4052Another step before the actual shoot is finding a good location. This goes all the down to the simple fact of showing off the brand and collection theme as best as possible, that means a little bit of nature and a good amount of city. We ended up shooting in Humbolt park, which was the best place in Chicago for us due to the chic city streets surrounding the green filled park.

The photographer and models work so well with our team to make this shoot a strong representation of our hard work and brand. Each step in the preparation makes for the day of the shoot run smoothly. When it comes to a photoshoot, there is always a lot going on so the amount of hard work we put into organizing before is essential in the overall success. I am looking forward to another shoot in the future!


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