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While studying abroad in Florence, Italy, I had the amazing opportunity to attend multiple trade shows. Italy, being the leather capital of the world, I was surrounded by tables and tables of the best leather you could see, feel and purchase. I had always understood that Italian leather was the top of the line, however, after feeling it and speaking to the people selling it, I really understood why. When you are feeling real Italian leather you can not help but need something made of it.

One of the shows I attended was the MilanoOne in Milan, of course. This was a very large show with many different leather, fur and fabric vendors. Since I was a student at the time, many of the vendors welcomed us into their booth to explain their business even if they knew I wasn’t buying. This was such a cool experience because I was able to talk with leather vendors from all of Italy and buyers from all over the world. You could feel their passion which soon grew into one of mine!

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetAs a fashion merchandising major, I had always had an interest in handbags, but it was never my favorite part of the industry. However, after going to Italy and learning about real Italian leather and the craftsmanship, I respect the handbag creation and consistent purchasing from consumers.

And here I am now, interning for Brynn, working with Italian leather handbags designed and made in my hometown, Chicago. When searching for an internship, I was looking for a place where I could highlight my skills and products I could be passionate about. Brynn Capella seemed perfect when I thought back to my times in Italy gaining my admiration for Italian leather, my schooling and my home.

I am thrilled to dive into this market and share my findings.

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