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Connecting The Dots

When I first accepted this internship, I was excited and nervous at the same time. For the past four years, I have had to worry about getting that A in a class or making sure I got my teachers approval. But now what was I going to have to worry about?!

Since starting, I was able to use my knowledge of e-commerce from school by adding new handbag options on our Handmade on Amazon and Etsy. I was not familiar with these sites but I have already learned so much about them. Catering to our customer, instead of worrying about getting a grade, I now take into consideration the actual customer and what they want to buy, not just what might look good.

A few months back I was asked to make my own website for school, but a templet was offered for me so all I had to do was plug things in and it was ready to go. When it comes to Amazon and Etsy I have to manually put in pictures of the purses, write descriptions, make sure the dimensions and pricing are correct. It is important to pay attention to every little detail when listing a product.

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Over the past two weeks, I have already been able to gauge the difference between getting a teachers approval and getting the customers approval. Teachers would look at my work and hand out a grade. Being able to work in the real world, I am able to see my work and get an end result, which of course would be a customer buying a bag. Homework now involves looking at the target customer, analyzing color trends, and seeing what other businesses are doing in real time.

Coming from small town in Indiana to the fast pace of Chicago, the last two works have been quite the adventure. After receiving this internship, I could not wait to get started with this next journey in my life. I knew that being able to work with Brynn was going to be an adventure and to no surprise it has been.

This summer will give me the chance to really use what I have learned in school and apply it here. I am excited to see what this summer will bring to me!


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