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Indoor vs. Outdoor Events

To say that the past 3 weeks have been busy would definitely be an understatement! IMG_7663.jpg

Besides the normal chaos that goes on in the office, we recently were a part of two events: the Spring One of a Kind Show and the Art in Wilder Park event in Elmhurst.

Beyond marketing, I have always had an interest in event planning so I was super excited to help Brynn out! Last summer, I was able to plan and be a part of Brynn’s booth at the Wells Street Art Festival which is an outdoor event hosted every summer in Old Town. So, I was somewhat familiar with how Brynn normally sets up and plans her events. Despite this experience, indoor and outdoor events are two completely different categories!

The One of a Kind Shows are Brynn’s biggest events of the year so planning everything to a tee is absolutely key. Compared to outdoor events, there’s more planning that goes into this one since there are two full days of setup and we’re basically creating a pop up boutique. We go in with our hammers, nails, screwdrivers and more just to build this mini boutique from scratch. We also will bring more back up of bags since we tend to sell more.

The weekend after the One of a Kind Show, we got a last minute opportunity to be a part of the Art in Wilder Park outdoor event! We were not expecting this, so we had to do a quick turn around in order to be ready for this event.


We packed up bags that we thought would fit in the space and headed out to Elmhurst Saturday morning to pop up our tent. No walls or hammers involved…maybe a few S hooks.

It was a gorgeous weekend outside which can also make outdoor events more fun. Brynn brought a little bit of sangria since we had worked so hard the week before. The only bummer with outdoor events is we have to pack up everything besides the tent and tables since we don’t want to leave our bags outside overnight.

We have the same method of figuring out what bags to bring to indoor and outdoor events. We typically look at sales in the past years to see how well specific bags or colors sold. Although, you may end up being surprised to see that a color or style you never predicted to do well ends up being the most successful! We just try to prepare as best we can even though things like this can happen.

Overall, I loved being able to help with Brynn’s events! Even if it required taking multiple Ubers to grab something we forgot for the show at Brynn’s apartment, we still made it through in one piece.


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