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Traveling Back Home

This week I went home for Spring Break and although I was excited for warm weather, traveling always stresses me out. I know, it seems like I would be more comfortable with doing it, but every time the day of my flight rolls around I somehow seem to be more and more frazzled about what to pack and what I am going to do when I get there.BrynnCapella-Mini-Lauren-Golden-Sand-main_1600x

This was the first time I was traveling back to San Francisco since I started interning with Brynn. So although I carry a handbag everyday, I never really thought about the importance of a great travel bag. 

After struggling to pack everything and get to the airport on time (public transportation is a blessing and a curse!), I realized I wish I had a Lauren bag! 

There is a pocket for everything, so I can easily organize myself and know where to find something in a flash. Plus having enough storage while also being comfortable with size and weight are essential when going from place to place. I mean think about it, who REALLY wants to carry a giant heavy bag around the airport. It’s an inconvenience and a major pain. Not to mention the fact that Lauren comes in two different sizes. Mini for shorter trips, and the original for those longer times away.


I also think this is the perfect bag for women in San Francisco. In the city, I do lots of walking and being able to turn the bag into a backpack is SO key. As the Merchandising intern, part of my learning is understanding the wholesale side of the business. Brynn has been in a few boutiques in the bay area but I think she should be in way more.

So once I got home, I was online searching for boutiques that would be the perfect fit. I had a list from Brynn, but since I was here and could walk into the boutique, I wanted to do my homework, so to speak. Man I forgot how many cool boutiques there are in the city and across the bridge.

My mom and I shop boutiques and even knew a few of the ones on Brynn’s list. But this was so different than just shopping. It was about looking for like minds, with cool shops that catered to the same mind set. Of course, it made me want to buy everything I saw.

From interning with Brynn I have learned so much about handbags, and especially how important they are for any outfit and travel date. The bag can be the most important part not only for style, but for convenience, and just making our lives and hectic travel times easier.

I can’t wait to get back home and share with her my new boutique discoveries and maybe get that Lauren bag I’ve been wanting!

Happy travels everyone!

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