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Understanding the Why

Throughout college, I remember being shown a TED Talk numerous times that explained Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 7.06.10 PMthe importance of understanding the “why” of an organization or company. Basically, what they meant by this is knowing the reason for why your organization exists and what it’s exact purpose is. Some of the most successful companies, like Apple, do so well because they market their inspiration or purpose instead of focusing on selling their products.

At the time, I didn’t think much of the talk. It was an eye-opening discussion and the idea made sense to me but I didn’t fully understand the importance of it until I had the opportunity to apply it. The more time I spend working on projects, the more I realize how helpful and essential understanding the why is.

I often find myself struggling to figure out what the why is, when creating newsletters or social media posts. I assumed it was easy enough to just design a marketing message without fully planning the foundation of it. There’s definitely a lot more that goes on behind the process. Brynn has taught me that mapping out and knowing your exact purpose and audience is absolutely crucial.

We always designate a main and secondary theme with newsletters. I cannot stress how necessary it is to understand the inspiration behind the message your sending. Without it, the creation process becomes difficult and much longer. Knowing why also helps with designing the lay-out, choosing the contents and more importantly, writing the verbiage. We always start with getting our ideas out on a piece of paper before transferring it to Mail Chimp. It makes it easier to be creative because we have our foundation laid out.

Processed with VSCO with p5 presetCaptioning Instagram or Facebook posts may also seem like a simple task but it has the power to make or break your opportunity to connect with followers. With personal IG or FB pages, it’s easy to get away with meaningless captions. But as a business, it’s essential to have a relatable caption in order to get your intended message across.

It’s super helpful that Brynn consistently tests us on our knowledge of who her audience is and why we appeal to them. Without knowing the foundations of her business, our designs and creations would simply fall flat. Not to mention, being able to market or sell a company’s philosophy or purpose appeals way more to consumers because it may strongly resonate with their own personal beliefs or thoughts.

At the end of the day, anyone can market or sell a product but being able to connect a brand’s purpose or philosophy with your consumers is what sets successful businesses apart from the rest.



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