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Do You Know How Your Handbag Is Made?

Before interning with Brynn, I had always been obsessed with name brand designers like Tory Burch, Michael Kors, or Louis Vuitton. I was constantly looking forward to getting my hands on the next designer name handbag because it was trendy and what I was most familiar with growing up.

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Now don’t get me wrong, I still love these designers but lately I’ve found myself having more of an appreciation for small, locally handcrafted designers. And that is coming from me, someone who never considered even shopping non-designer brands.

Interning here has taught me so much about shortcuts that many designers can take in order to cut costs and speed up production. As a typical shopper, I never would have noticed these details unless someone told me about them. I used to be too worried about the brand name to even pay attention to the specifics of a handbag’s structure. I now feel as if many shoppers don’t realize that the design and craftsmanship of a handbag says more about the quality than the small logo of the designer. It’s important to know where your bag is coming from and how it’s crafted.

Brynn prefers to round her corners, even if it’s a tote bag or a clutch. You might notice sharp corners on your bags and how much faster they wear than the rest of the bag. Brynn avoids those by taking the extra effort and time to dart or round her corners, because it helps slow down or completely prevents the wear. Of course, this process takes more time and increases the price of the production process but the durability is what matters in the long run.

My first Brynn Capella bag, the Cher Crossbody, is what really made me more aware of how meaningful the design and production process is. The leather is a lot softer as opposed to most of my bags which are of a more firm, pebbled texture. It’s become so normal for most designers to sand down their leather and emboss an even pebbled texture, that I feel as if people have forgotten what natural leather feels like. I love that Brynn embraces all leather textures throughout her collections because I feel as if each leather has character to it.

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Having seen everything that goes on behind production also makes me feel more confident wearing my BC bag around. It’s a good feeling to know my bag was handcrafted with care in the city I grew up in and not mass produced in some foreign factory overseas. From conception to production, everything is kept local and handmade.

Not to mention, it’s nice to finally wear something that not everyone else has. It’s an even better feeling when people notice it and ask you where your bag is from.

Why restrict yourself to a handbag or accessory that anyone else can easily find and buy for themselves? Set yourself apart from the crowd and let your style stand out instead of the brands you buy from.


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