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Photoshoot Ready

This week, I had the amazing opportunity to go to my first photoshoot with Brynn! To say I had an incredible experience would be an understatement. As a photography major, I appreciate any professional studio experience. My classes consist of creative and analytical studio time, but there is something special about having hands on experience in a real studio, working with professional photographers, designers, and products. IMG_0568

The Chicago studio, located in Boystown, is spacious and comfortable. As a student and upcoming photographer, most of my work revolves around finding outdoor locations or empty spaces with minimal resources to try to capture the photo that I am looking for. This means that everything I do currently is done manually, from adjusting my camera settings to working with uncontrollable natural light, positioning subjects in locations that are not always ideal, and never truly knowing how the photos will look until I upload them. However, grueling and frustrating this process sounds, I still love it!

So working with Brynn and her photographer Evan was a dream! In this professional environment, everything was prepared so the actual shoot could run as smoothly as possible. The lights, camera, background, and general set up were all ready to go.

I had never been more eager to be a part of something like this and every shot felt rewarding. I helped set up each handbag for shooting, from stuffing them with t-shirts, to prepping the straps at exactly the same length so each bag was ready to be shot and had a consistent look. I was even part of the discussion with every shot. This was very important for me because many students, interns, and upcoming photographers will have a multitude of studio experience, however sometimes artists will not ask for or take feedback from new eyes.

When looking at products online, it seems so easy, but in reality, it is much more than just taking a picture. We tried many different ways to ultimately find a balance within the visuals and the bags themselves. Brynn’s handbags aren’t structured, so the slouchiness of the leather is different with each type of leather. So some looked better with one t-shirt while others looked better with more. At one point the mannequin almost tipped over from too much weight, so we had to secure it with tape and a water bottle. Sometimes you just have to improvise to make things work in a moments notice. 

IMG_0569Overall, I had a phenomenal time shooting with Brynn and Evan this week. I am very grateful for this opportunity, and could not have had a better experience in the studio, not to mention Evans adorable dog, Susie Bark Anthony, to accompany us on the shoot.

Whenever I am interning with Brynn, I always know that I am guaranteed a new and very inclusive experience. By the time I had to leave the shoot, I not only learned, but felt like I had created new aspirations for my own future.

At the end of the day, the shots turned out great, and I could not be more excited for my next shoot with Brynn!

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