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Etsy Takeover

Although we have our main online store, being a part of other sites is another way to reach additional audiences. Handmade at Amazon is a great way for a small made in USA company to tie in with the retail giant, but sometimes you feel like you can get lost in the enormity of it all…that’s where Etsy is different!

So last year, we became a part of the Etsy community, or at least that’s what we wanted. But with little to no success, it got me wondering, how does a shop become successful on Etsy? Do we even belong there, and do we more importantly have a market on there?


We decided to turn to Etsy.com and reach out to their community for help and advice. I posted a question in a forum and asked for advice on how to grow our Etsy shop and how to improve our listings. Within minutes, I had responses from the community offering their advice and expertise on how they “make Etsy work for them.” It was amazing how fast they responded and wanted to help!  I guess that was one of the reasons we decided to turn to Etsy in the first place, because it is more personal, connected to the community and trusted.

Hard part is since for the most part this is their only site, so they are able to dedicate more time to it. But they are so willing to offer their advice! It’s so much appreciated and it’s amazing to see the success stories come out of Etsy!

With Etsy, there is a lot of startup work that goes behind the scenes, every item need pictures uploaded and descriptions written. Which leads me to the biggest problem we have been struggling with, SEO. Google frowns on duplicate descriptions, so you have to write about the same product in several different ways…fun! And tags, don’t get me started on tags!  We have been focusing on certain item “tags” that will bring in customers. I mean I have no idea how generic or detailed the “search” criteria is when Etsy users are shopping?  And I feel it’s a lot harder to stand out on Etsy because the whole site is “handmade” and there is a lot of USA made leather products.


Since we are still fairly new to Etsy, but we are putting a lot of time and effort into building our shop and hopefully our performance will start reflecting that. One of the main suggestions that I am considering is to promote our Etsy shop on our other social media platforms and hope that brings in more views and visits.

Do you shop Etsy? Let us know your thoughts!


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