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Customer loyalty + small business

In today’s market, it’s easy to get caught up in scoring a “deal” from superstores and forget about your local small business down the street. Customers are leaning more towards superstores and becoming loyal to them opposed to their community and small shops they once shopped at; this makes me wonder, is there still brand and customer loyalty anymore?


Brand loyalty contains a great deal of value. By using our resources we can become profitable and expand from there. In order to grow brand loyalty in today’s market, brands need to prove themselves at every step. Performance is the key component. If it’s too hard to use, people will find an easier solution. If it’s too expensive, people will find a cheaper product. Small businesses need to compete with large companies in all sectors of the market, whether that be performance, price, quality and at times morals.

I think the first step of brand loyalty is to personally as a company figure out what you want to be recognized as and stand for. The second step is to sell products that you truly believe in. Even though large companies can invest more in marketing and branding, I feel as they don’t have enough patience to understand the needs of every customer and thank all of them for their time, support, and respect.


Moving beyond respect and loyalty, the customer needs to love the product and WANT to invest time and money into it; to love requires that personal touch. Our personal touch and what makes us, us is that we offer luxury leather, made here in the USA, at an affordable price.

I have learned that patience is key. There is a lot of time effort that goes into researching potential buyers and you need to keep trying if you want to gain the attention of those buyers. One of our longest partnerships has been with Fixture Boutique. We have been with them since 2009 and there is a mutual respect, trust and loyalty to each other.

We also offer loyalty to our customers with our loyalty points program. We call them Style Stars. They can earn stars by simply supporting us and it’s not just about supporting money spent.

Of course, you earn points from purchases, but also from likes and follows on social media to online reviews, because we love feedback both good and bad on our products. And we actually read everything.

In addition to rewards earned and used, we also offer secret promotions for our loyal customers through our newsletters and social media platforms. These customers and fans get access to secret promo codes for sales only offered to them! You can sign up for our emails and promotions on our website and start earning style stars on every purchase and more.

Our main goal is to stay true to our brand and what our customers expect of us.  Rewarding repeat and loyal fans with special discounts and ways to earn $$ to use towards their next purchases, is our way of thanking you for supporting small business and American-made goods. It really means the world to us and our growth!

ps: Don’t forget Small Business Saturday is coming soon, but try to support them year round too 😉







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