Chicago / Fashion / Photoshoot


When the weather app says 100% chance of rain all day long on the day of your scheduled shoot, you tend to stress out, just a little bit! So you have to have a Plan B ready to go, just in case thing don’t change, but we lucked out with BEAUTIFUL October weather for a spring shoot!

This right away set the tone for a great day ahead. Whewww! So we packed up all the organized bags and outfits into the cars (including Brynn’s bike for some shots) and headed downtown to meet the photographer.

Arriving at our first location, we unloaded all our stuff right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a busy Saturday afternoon in downtown Chicago by Oak and Rush. With all eyes on us from the crowded surrounding streets, we got started with our first shots right away. The fast pace whirlwind of the shoot that Brynn warned me about came to life in these these first few shots and outfit changes, and I now understood exactly what she was talking about. The swiftness of the first few shots immediately helped me understand the sense of urgency to stay very organized and on top of things for the rest of the shoot. IMG_3706.JPG

Each intern was put in charge of one of the models. Basically when one model is being photographed, the other is getting dressed for her next shot, so she is ready to go. So this entailed having her next outfit completely ready for her to change into; from the outfit to the shoes, also making sure we had the bags stuffed properly and straps adjusted to the correct length, jewelry ready, and the photo inspiration image ready for both the model and the photographer.

Plus we had to make sure the outfits were in the correct order, so we didn’t miss a shot, which has happened before. Yikes! The best way to stay organized was to pack up the last look so it wasn’t a complete mess and we knew what had been shot already and where everything was at a moments notice. Staying on top of these things and keeping everything in the correct shot order that we had planned was a lot more chaotic than expected – there really wasn’t ever a time when I wasn’t doing something.

IMG_3708.JPGMoving from location to location, we had to stop back by the cars and swap out outfits, bags, and props. This is where a lot of the pre-prepping organization became very helpful; by organizing the clothes by location beforehand helped us swap everything in a time efficient way. The tricky part in fact, was lugging the bike and suitcases across the packed streets of downtown Chicago to the next locations. Especially to our inside location, on the second floor of a popular restaurant in downtown (yes the bike and the huge suitcase were all carried up two flights of stairs).

Keeping track of the order we planned to shoot the bags in was an unexpected challenge because some shots we decided would be better shot in a location we hadn’t originally planned for (some of the inside shots were switched to outside shot, etc.) It was the intern’s job to re-organize the order and swap things around in our books to still keep the models outfits on the correct track in relation to one another. Shooting in the midst of a busy Chicago afternoon not surprisingly got us a lot of questions – are you guys selling something? what is the shoot for? we even had a friendly little dog named Stella get in some of the shots! IMG_3717.JPG

In the end, we were able to keep the chaos at bay once the other intern and myself got in the swing of things after the first few shots. There was almost no downtime throughout this process from start to finish, because there’s always something to be preparing for to make it run more smoothly!

I learned that the more prepping done before a shoot, the easier and more efficient it will go! Paying attention to small details and staying on top of things is so important in these types of situations, especially when you’re on a time schedule!

Yes, there will be last minute changes and things might not go exactly how you planned, but rolling with the punches and making things work with what you got is just all apart of the process and a great thing to learn from! We are so lucky that day ended up with beautiful weather, and I think the shots turned out beautifully!







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