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Photo Shoot, step one.

If you’ve ever wondered how much prep goes into a photoshoot, the answer is… A LOT. Seriously though, until you’re actually preparing for one yourself, you won’t realize how many small details need to be accounted for. We all see ads and images in magazines and online all the time, but I never really thought about what it takes to actually make that happen.

Our first step was styling the shoot, from creating an overall theme and vibe (Anthropologie is always to our rescue!) to making sure there is a mix of looks, from dresses to daytime denim casual looks and more.

While styling is one of the most fun parts of prepping, it can be challenging finding pieces that all work together in one cohesive theme and fit the models. I realized how huge of a dilemma sizing can be, especially when a model says she’s a solid 6 when she’s actually more of a 2. Then there were things we totally loved on the hanger, yet looked totally different once the models tried it on, both good and bad.

Choosing different pieces from different brands is also tricky because sizing is rarely consistent …just because size 27 pants fit from one brand doesn’t mean they will in the next. We really just had to eyeball a lot of pieces and use our best judgment. Another solution to this obstacle was to pull from Brynn’s closet (which is filled with items from past shoots!) or have models bring some of their own looks to pair with ours.

Next, models try everything on to deceiver who wears what. It’s important to have both try on everything that could fit them, because there were some pieces we ended up switching after seeing the other wore it better. Also we knew what could work for both, in case we needed to do any changes for balance. Since we like to sure both models have equal amounts of outfits and diversity of clothes, including colors and styles of bags to wear throughout the shoot. So it was very important to write everything down.

Once the outfits were purchased, fitted, sized, and assigned, we then paired each bag in the Brynn Capella Spring 2018 collection with an outfit. This part in the process was probably one of the most difficult. We have 4 hours to get 40 shots, so streamlining the changing process is extremely important when it comes to timing. We simply don’t have enough time for 40 outfit changes, so we had to decide which outfits would pair with more than one bag or involve a very simple change.

Mini-Lauren shown as a shoulder bag, folded over

After writing everything down, we ended up with several different lists that basically said the same thing, BUT helped us see the overall balance. Let me explain…one was organized by bag, so we can make sure that each style was evenly paired with each model with a good mix of dresses and pant/skirt looks. We also wanted to make sure each model had a good mix of all the colors of the bags as well. It got confusing at times because we ended up switching out bags when we changed our minds looking at the big picture.

It was during this that I learned how important it is to have a good  memory and write good notes in the guide book (you’ll see what I mean by that in the next blog). On the day of the actual shoot, there needs to be no questions so we could easily be prepared for the next shot in a snap.

Because the bags are so versatile, we also needed to make sure each bag was photographed showcasing all the different ways to wear it; the Lauren, for example, can be worn over six ways, and we needed to make sure we were recording how each bag would be worn with what outfit and that all colors were being represented.

Wheww! And that was only step one!




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