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The In’s & Out’s

I have only been with Brynn Capella for a short time, but I think it’s important to reflect and share how much I have already experienced and learned. What I found myself worrying about most when starting off my career was getting lost in a group of interns in a big corporate company. Working for Brynn has eliminated all those worries. I am so grateful to be working directly alongside her as the owner of the company. I’m not just given tasks to do, she guides me through each process, making sure I understand before expecting me to know how to do something on my own. The tight knit environment at Brynn Capella allows me to be much more comfortable in expressing my creativity and ideas, and allows for great communication and feedback opportunities.

Since working for Brynn, I have learned how to operate a number of different content management platforms. I’m a student at DePaul University, and Brynn has been extending what I learn in the classroom to a real-life business experience.
FullSizeRender 2

Recently we took a look at our Instagram feed and have been working on curating a theme throughout it to give it a cohesive aesthetic. By planning out our pictures before hand, we are able to make the colors in each picture flow to create an overall theme; we have been trying to incorporate rust colors into each photo to create our most current theme.

I did not realize how much behind the scenes work and organizing goes into planning social media posts and marketing tactics. You really have to understand and take into account the behavioral patterns of your audience when trying to market your brand. Keeping up on trends and understanding what your audience is looking for is important in creating content that will reach them. We have spent sometime researching and learning how to best reach an audience on different platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Now that we have a plan for Instagram, next step is Facebook.

Working right along side her has also allowed me to learn other skills outside of my position by just overhearing and witnessing other interactions and tasks in the environment around me. The other day while in the office, Brynn had a contractor meeting to go to, and I was given the chance to go along! Although this task is technically not something I would typically learn under my position, I was still able to go and sit in and experience what a typical meeting would be like.

Next week, i’m looking forward to figuring out the styling for our spring photoshoot! It’s great getting to do such a variety of tasks and really getting to know the in’s and out’s of how a small retail business is operated.

Every day is a new learning opportunity about a new part of business. I’m so excited to see what else this position has to offer ahead of me.




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