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What to Wear: Back to School

Besides comfortable & stylish, this year it’s confidence!

Going into my final semester as a senior in college, getting my school fashion list together has gotten a lot easier. But especially after a fun summer interning with a handbag designer. Not only have I learned a lot about fast fashion, but I’ve gained a new appreciation of quality over quantity and most importantly gained confidence in myself.

Everyone always wants to come back looking stunning and ready to conquer the new semester. For me, comfort is key on the first day back! So I opt for clothes that are light for the summer weather, like this Anthropologie dress and of course, a cool pair of sneakers. The dress is perfect because it’s not too revealing and gives me more room to play with accessories. I love the charms on the band of this Apple watch because it sets it apart from the traditional plain band and keeps me on time for class.

After learning so much about the handbag industry this summer, I knew the perfect statement piece I needed for school.  Hands down, it was the Mini-Lauren in Cobblestone! The two-toned grey/taupe color matches everything, even better than a black bag. And since it converts into a backpack, it will be perfect on those days when I’m hauling around textbooks or a laptop. Adding the Anna Tassel in Happy Trails is an easy way to add a pop of color.

But ultimately remember, it’s how you feel on the inside that will help you be a girl boss this semester!

What to Wear: Back to School

DRA striped dress

Anna Tassel- Happy Trails

Pearl jewellery
$58 –

Sport watch



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