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As a business, I believe that it’s always important to give back in some form or fashion. When looking for an internship this past spring, one of the qualities that stood out most to me was that Brynn donates a handful of her bags to charity every year. It can be hard to find time to do this though with everything that goes on throughout the year which is why I’m always in awe of how many things Brynn is able to work on at once! A true #girlboss always finds time to give back.


Despite her busy schedule, she takes the time to work with a number of charities in order to donate to worthy causes that she strongly supports. PAWS Chicago and Tree House Humane Society are just a few of Brynn’s favorite charities considering she’s a huge animal lover. Her two cats, Lucky and Cali, are some of her closest companions! Other charities she works with include Habitat for Humanity and the Aubrey Rose Foundation. Not only does she donate beautiful handbags but she also attends a variety of local fundraisers. In the image above, Brynn attended a fundraiser for animal care and control with some friends not too long ago!

Prior to helping Brynn with her charity work, I had always wondered how the donation process worked. I never expected to see so many donation requests in the short period of time that I have interned here. But then again, who wouldn’t want to own one of Brynn’s stunning handbags?? We receive donation requests from a wide range of charities for silent auctions all over the country. So although we would love to donate to every request, we try to choose the ones that mean the most to us. This is when we begin our research in to which bag fits the occasion best, because we want the bag to bring the most money to the charity as possible.

Typically, when researching which bags will be given out, I fill out an excel sheet with all the requests in order to list details like how many attendees there are, where the event will be or what the demographic is of those attending. All of these  components help us narrow down the style or amount of bags we should donate. As the event comes closer, we send in our donation forms along with the specific handbags we have selected to complete the process! Typically, her donation info is included in brochures/pamphlets at most of these events.  An example of Brynn’s benefaction can be seen in the image below from one of Tree House Humane Society’s brochures! tree-house-charity-brynn-capella.jpgIt’s always rewarding to see how our contributions benefit worthy causes outside of the fashion industry. No matter how busy she is running her business, Brynn is always sure to give back every year because it is important to her.




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