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E-commerce Part II: Merchandising

Whenever I tell people that I’m a merchandising intern that they always ask me what it is that I do at my internship, and quite honestly if they had asked this question three years ago, I don’t know if I would’ve been able to answer it.

When people hear merchandising they usually think of visual merchandising, such as the layout of a store, and setting up the mannequins etc. Well merchandising itself is similar, but there are many differences.Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 3.30.19 PM.png

Here at Brynn Capella, because she doesn’t have a storefront, that obviously takes out the whole visual merchandising position, but that doesn’t mean we don’t do similar things, just from a website perspective. We recently changed websites and we had to transfer all of the merchandise over from one hostto another, during the whole process we were figuring out how the website should be laid out, what is the most visually appealing, and how the bags should be organized throughout the website. Similar to visual merchandising, we want our customers to be excited and to have a great shopping experience on our website.

However, when we are at events a couple times of year, visual merchandising does play a role into that. We have to set up our booth and think strategically about how we want the handbags to be displayed. Usually we want the most current collection highlighted, and we have them all laid out in every style. Then we move on to our most popular bags and we highlight those next, because we know consumers will love those. Then we also take into account the different colors of the bags, to make the whole setup look visually pleasing.

This has also carried over into our E-commerce sites. On sites such as Circleandsquare.com and handbagdesigner101.com, we have streamlined our products on there so it’s a specific collection, rather than just random bags placed all over the website. In doing this, it helps us keep track of inventory better, and it looks more cohesive from a consumer standpoint.

We are also doing this same thing on our Etsy page. However Etsy is a little more difficult to figure out,and since we are new to it were are trying to figure out all of the kinks right now. On there we sell some of our smaller pieces such as key fobs, wrist straps, tassels, wallets, and coin pouches. Again this helps us from the inventory perspective to know what is on Etsy and how it is presented.

Merchandising has so many different sides to it, and again this is just only one other side, and its purpose in E-commerce. E-commerce is obviously becoming more and more apparent every day, so in this industry merchandising from the online perspective, is going to turn into a whole career on its own.


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