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Color Inspiration

The inspiration process is the key concept when coming up with new color schemes and design. This helps you see what will work and why. From learning the process of an inspiration, I was able to learn the two different sides; inspiration for color choices, and inspiration for a specific collection.

IMG_1593.JPG copy 2.jpg

This summer, I worked with Brynn on the Spring 2018 inspiration, colors and designs. The process started with looking through magazines, Pinterest, and other platforms to come up with what color scheme we gravitated towards.  Some colors stood out more than others, while some did not. More specifically, a green hue had caught Brynn’s eye that I ripped out of a magazine, while another color caught mine; a skin toned peach.

We both had a color in mind we wanted to follow, which differed drastically. But now we needed to figure out was how all of these colors would soon come together. From even having both colors in mind, we were able to establish what color combination would look best and in what shades (exchanging the peach for a darker shade). This process took quite some time due to evaluating textures, and checking if the leather colors were in stock.

Spring 2018 Collection.jpg

While looking at our finalized color combination, Brynn shouted out that the colors made her think of the “fresh outdoors.” With that in mind, I proceeded to come up with a new inspiration board consisting of images that gave me that indication as well. An inspiration board portrays a designers collection with the color scheme used, and the vibe it represents through the images. While looking through Pinterest for some type of lead for our inspiration board, I came across The French Polynesian Islands. These beautiful islands had the prefect feel for the outdoorsy atmosphere through the bungalow huts found on water to their sacred tiki torches. I began to research more about the island’s culture and lifestyle to see if it would be a good fit to represent our collection, and it was indeed! We then incorporate the traits found on the French Polynesian Islands into our color names to help better portray the collection’s vibe.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and it was really interesting how even just one simple color choice led to a whole collection being evolved. As a designer, you are constantly seeing things as inspiration and it’s exciting to see the roots of exactly where the product came from as well as a cool experience being apart of the complete circle!


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