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Predicting your consumer!

Something I always wondered as a consumer, was how small companies know how much of each product to make. Since it obviously costs money to buy raw materials, each company needs to be strategic in how much they purchase.

Every company tries to predict their customer in different ways, and there is no specific way to do it. At Brynn Capella, we obviously have our own way of figuring this out. We handcraft our bags seasonally, one collection for spring/summer and one for fall/winter, currently we are about to order our leather for the fall/winter line.

mini laurens

The only thing that we know in advance is our wholesale orders, or orders from boutiques. We take into consideration how many bags each of our stores have ordered and our sales history for the season. If brown bags always sell really well in the fall, then we’ll want to order more brown bags. However, even though we try our best, some bags and colors always surprise you and will sell more or less than you think.


There have been times when we’ve ordered 14 bags of one color and style and only sold 4, and other times when we’ve only ordered 5 and sold out right away. Predicting what raw materials to purchase for production is always a bit challenging, because you can never really get into the mind of the customer.

To me, as an intern who is learning the ropes, I love this part because it seems like a little equation, trying to predict and figure out the customer is exciting to me and makes me happy that I chose this internship and career path.


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