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The Effects Of A Mistake

Being in the fast paced environment of fashion, you’re going to come across mistakes. If you’re lucky, they’ll be small easy fix mistakes, but if you’re not so lucky, they can be hard ones to fix. I’ve learned that no matter what the mistake is, it can lead to putting a delay in production if not handled properly and more importantly quickly.Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 6.25.57 PM.png

For example, recently we did not double-checking our tech packs. This led to many questions from our contractor that consisted of back and fourth e-mails and several trips to the production studio. As soon as we had realized the new details that needed to be adjusted since the previous season, we corrected all of them to prevent any future mistakes from being made.

However for one bag, we were a little too late. The Jenne (as seen on the left) typically has the logo embossed directly onto the back side of the bag, but now it was on a piece of leather that is riveted to the bag. As some would see this type of error as a huge mishap, it was actually how we originally wanted it, so it worked out in our favor.

Although, some mistakes may lead to exciting things happening, others may not. A stressful situation that we came across was ordering the wrong color zipper, which can be a huge issue since zippers take 3-4 weeks to be delivered. This led to various phone calls to different companies in hopes of getting sent the correct color that would match our current season’s zipper color. While most companies had the zipper we wanted, they did not have a color that came close to our season’s zipper.

Typically this would lead us to two options: 1) Use a non-matching zipper color in order to not delay production or 2) Delay production to wait for the correct color to be delivered.

Of course, that would be way too long to wait, especially since the zipper factory is closed for two weeks during the first weeks of July. We started to slightly panic due to neither option seeming more appealing than the other, searching through old boxes of zippers in hopes to find a color that would match and luckily we did! This really saved us from delaying the production run or risking the look of our upcoming collection.

As this situation could have turned into a big problem, there are other mistakes that are easy fixes. In the office, we have a hardware sheet that we use to keep track of all the hardware we have in stock for production runs, which is tallied from us counting each and every piece of hardware in order to have our numbers on track in between seasons. Believe me, it’s a lot of numbers, columns and rows on excel spreadsheets!

D-rings are one of the many hardware that we use on multiple variations of our bags. Unfortunately, like with the zippers, we had been sent the wrong item as well.  Nevertheless, the hardware sheet was our savior. It showed that we had enough on hand to move forward with our spring 2018 samples with ease. This taught me that being prepared and organized is crucial in a production run and can really help you out from future mistakes as a designer.

Although these mistakes really put us in a stressful situation, they do allow you to learn. Brynn has taught me how to act and keep up in a fast pace environment. She deals with situations daily as quickly as possible to be on top of the mistake before it can affect our production run.

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