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Spring Fashion Show at the Mart

As many of you know The One of a Kind Spring show is just around the corner, and the team here at Brynn Capella is overwhelmed with excitement. Last Friday, I had the opportunity to go with Brynn to drop-off the handbags for the upcoming fashion show.

Before this I had never been to the Merchandise Mart, so this was quite the interesting experience. As soon as one enters the doors of the Merchandise Mart they are filled with the grandiose charm that surrounds the building. The building itself is several floors filled with offices for almost every company imaginable.

The first floor has tons of showrooms, especially those for interior design and home furnishings.  Also inside there is a large café that Brynn said she goes to when in need of a coffee and food during The One of a Kind Show. Once inside the main area, Brynn and I went up to the main office that handles the entire event and dropped off the bags that we had selected for the Fashion Show.Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 11.50.43 AM.png

We had chosen the 4 bags for the show the day before and decided to go with a Lauren, Mini Lauren, Nikki and of course the new Kari fringe bag that we think would be a hit on the runway as well as add pops of color to the looks they select!

There’s only two weeks left until the show now and we’re in the last steps of finalizing everything for our spring line to be revealed to the public. The show is the 28th, 29th and 30th of April and this will be our second year doing the spring show. Below I’ve attached a link to a video of last year’s fashion show to give a feel for what the one of a kind show is like. We look forward to seeing everyone there and another successful season at The One of a Kind Show.

Here’s last years show featuring a few of our favorites!


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