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My FIRST Hands-on Experience

Hi everyone. I am a the new Spring lifestyle marketing intern. As a Public Relations/Advertising major at DePaul University, I wanted to obtain better knowledge behind the fundamentals of advertising and marketing outside the classroom. These past two weeks have been great so far from learning how to handle all the social media to experiencing my first product photo shoot.

It was very interesting and fascinating to see how each handbag was shot. The folds in the leather greatly affected how the light hit the bag. If one fold seemed to be off then the whole photo had a strange glare, sometimes looking like the bag was smiling at you. There was a Mini-Lauren crossbody that looked like it had ears sticking out of the sides due to D-ring hooks being straight out, so we folded them back. Luckily, there was a iPad connected to the main camera, so we could immediately see how the picture looked and make sure that the handbag was centered and glare-free. 

Each handbag had its little set of essentials such as the leather pulls that were attached or just all the straps. They all had to be equally proportioned, so the shots would be consistent. We had to layout the straps to make sure the adjustable ones were equal in length with our eyes. The fun part was actually making them long and then we got them to shorten them again.

In order to make each handbag look natural they had to be stuffed with t-shirts and sometimes they would be stuffed with a whole bunch of them. I was trying to stuff the t-shirts in the bags by neatly folding them, but it didn’t matter. You literally just shoved them into the bag in order to have them look natural. There was even t-shirts flying everywhere, so we all had to take precaution. Just kidding, t-shirts were just thrown in order to make everything go by quicker. The handbags were even aliened in this hanger by colors and handbag product, so they would be ready to shoot.

I didn’t know that a product shoot could take so long but I had a good time working with Brynn and Rachel the photographer. We even got to enjoy delicious smoothies and I look forward to many new experiences and of course seeing how the final shots look online! But not until Fall 2017!!!

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