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A day in the life of a new Brynn Capella intern

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 4.50.30 PM

I just began my spring internship with the charming Brynn Capella. I’m a fashion business major at Columbia College Chicago and I am focusing on learning more about fashion merchandising within the Brynn Capella empire.

I’m only two weeks in and I’ve already learned so much of the inner workings of a small independent brand, and how key merchandising and marketing are within a company. Brynn is such an inspirational figure in my career already, her entrepreneurship skills and deep love for her brand are beyond what anyone could imagine. She runs her small handbag empire in her Logan Square home with the company of her two adorable cats Lucky and Cali, who always seem mesmerized by their mom’s designs. Brynn’s carefree California vibe that she picked up while in college is present throughout not only her personality, but also her designs. She has such a beautiful aura to be surrounded by and that directly relates to the beautiful leather creations she is able to construct.

Instantly Brynn and I connected over our love of music especially rock music, as soon as one walks into her Logan Square home they are flooded with images of David Bowie, U2, Dave Grohl and many other icons. This made me feel at home from the instant I walked into her home.

So far, we’ve been focusing on market research, mailing list advertisements, charity and making connections with buyers. I look forward to the future of my internship and my ability to help Brynn reach new successes with her lovely company.

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