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Suede and Synergy.

There are a ton of exciting things happening in the Brynn Capella studio! Not only are we prepping the line sheets for our Spring 2017 collection to show to retailers, but we have also officially finalized our Fall 2017 leathers. Picking the leathers has been a unique challenge.

There were a few times that we believed we had finally found the right combination, when all of a sudden, we come across a new leather or texture that seems to be the REAL missing piece and changes the whole color palate. We feel it is important for us to pick leathers that not only have a variety of colors that work as a unit, but to also include a variety of textures as well. Two similar colors, with two very different textures, almost always have very different looks.

We knew we wanted a balance between neutrals and colors. Great thing about fall, is that colors can end up being really neutral, were as in spring a color really pops. So for us are neutrals of course are some form of brown and black, but also blue and green. Brown and Blue colored bags sell really well for us and not typically the black. Of course, there is always someone requesting a black bag, but Brynn likes to offer a distressed black or a charcoal color as opposed to the full grain black, but every other season at least, she’s does with her own twist, like a fun color inside or a different colored zipper.

With all of these factors in mind, and all of the beautiful colors available each season, I can’t say that I’m surprised it took us a few iterations to find the perfect combination. One thing I am particularly excited about are the two Fall 2017 suede leathers. We selected a soft mossy green and a rich rust color that will add a distinctive jewel of color to the earthy colors of a fall wardrobe. Keep an eye on our social media for real-time visual updates on all of our design progress and events!

Which one os your favorite?

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