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Color, Texture, and Bliss.

Last week we had a great time participating in the semi-annual One of a Kind Show! As we continue to design the Fall 2017 collection from Brynn’s studio, I was curious to see what people would be looking for when an entire collection was presented to them. I noticed that often, shoppers were drawn to our booth because of the unique leather colors and textures, and then there were several return customers who actively sought us out just to say hello and let us know how much they love their bag!

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 10.15.51 AM.png

Although we had a wall completely dedicated to our latest collection, many people had their eye on some of our classic colors and thankfully, we had a product that fit everyone’s aesthetic. Several colors SOLD OUT at the show too! But this year, one of the best sellers was the Aquarius Mini-Lauren. Textured leathers like the Aquarius style from the Fall 2016 California Dreaming Collection seem to be quite popular right now. brynn-capella-mini-lauren-crossbody-blue-main__37832-1472100947-1280-1280So when heading back into the studio this week, we took a second look at our leather samples to make sure we were including one of these great textured leathers in the Fall 2017 collection.

What I found most interesting over the course of the show, was seeing how people reacted when they picked up one of Brynn’s handbags. Several people passed by, quickly scanning the booths around them, often reaching out to touch our handbags, some absentmindedly. The most common reaction was for these shoppers to exclaim “that leather is so soft!” and proceed to take a closer look at the design.

To me this made the One of a Kind Show a great success: the ability for a product, that has remained popular over several years, to continue to result in surprise and delight. I am excited to see how Brynn’s work will continue to bring joy to her customers at future events!

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