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Community, By Design.

This week I was at a shop near my apartment in Wicker Park, Chicago, and noticed a woman who was wearing a Rustic Clay Lauren bag. I was excited to see a stranger wearing one of the Brynn Capella bags, so I went to speak with her. She told me that she bought the Lauren at the One of A Kind Show last year, and mentioned with an ear-to-ear smile that it was still her favorite bag.


It made me happy to see a local customer who had fallen in love with the brand. As we were talking, she mentioned that she was a neighbor of Brynn’s as well, and told me that she had just seen her last week. The opportunity to have this sort of relationship with the people who design the products they wear ย is too uncommon.


It’s refreshing to not only have the chance to purchase a product that supports local business and manufacturing, but that also gives a community the opportunity to connect with people they might not have met otherwise.ย As an intern at Brynn Capella, Inc. I am excited to learn more not only about design, but also about building a community. Check out the 2016 One-Of-Kind show next week to try on a Brynn Capella Bag and meet the designer herself!


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