The search for seasonal swatches.

This week we’ve been working on finalizing leather choices for the Fall 2017 collection. After organizing and sifting through hundreds of colors and textures, it has become clear how important these decisions are to making a collection that people fall in love with.

As I looked through the leather catalogues, the plethora of colors initially appeared excessive, however it quickly become apparent that they are in fact vital to finding a pallet that works well as a unit. Finding six leathers that worked well together was like finding six puzzle pieces in a box of 1000.

I appreciate during that during this creative process, I also have the opportunity to see the business end of design. As a design intern, I have the opportunity to exercise my creative muscles, but also learn how to keep inventory sheets, cost sheets, and learn other administrative components involved in running a business.

I am excited to be part of the process to develop the Fall 2017 collection and quite frankly, can’t wait to buy one of the handbags for myself!



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